Prepare for birth on all levels, rooted in physiological truth and spiritual connection. Honour & recognize giving birth as the immense personal transformation that it is. Tuning in with yourself, your body, your baby, and the natural rhythms of creation, we celebrate life! A peaceful, informed, and grounded approach to being with what is here for you in the process.



In the vulnerable and essential hours, days, & weeks following baby’s arrival, receive in-home care based on the knowledge of traditional healers & midwives passed down through the ages (now totally backed up by modern science). Rest, nourishment, and ceremony. Feel held & cocooned as you are reborn as a mother, supported on all levels in the unique unfolding of your transformation.

YOU INSPIRE ME, a series of drawings of my mamas

“I was so happy to find Kayla as she truly offered a unique doula experience for my postpartum recovery. She will be on your side and will empower you as a new mom, will lead you to your inner truth to find all answers you may need in those first few weeks. I especially liked meditations & healing treatments Kayla offered to me: massages, herbal baths, warm healing drinks, audio recordings and thoughtful conversations. She was also amazing at bringing my focus to a big picture when it comes to birthing experience, relationship with my baby, my partner and myself during this huge change in life.”

ECUADOR with Wombs of the World, 2019
Learnings from my dear mentor SASHA PADRON
(me & Sasha)


Body Work

Trained in Thai Massage at a school in Chiang Mai, Practitioner Energy Work with two different teachers, and some Postpartum Shiatsu & Acupressure thrown in– I have eight years experience working on people’s bodies with touch & energetically. I’m also certified in pre/postnatal yoga. I seek to create a trauma-informed space for your healing to unfold as it needs to. Included in packages for clients, and available for in home bookings.

1:1 Coaching

I hold space for you. An open, confidential space for you to express, ask questions, and receive reflections without judgement. I’ve had many mentors, and the teaching is always the same. You have everything you need within. You have all the power you need. In these sessions you are connecting with your own inner knowing, with the awareness that you are whole, with the deeper truths to which you always have access. Any subject matter welcome. We begin with a guided body connection meditation.

Cerrada Completa, 2022
Closing of the Bones

It’s never too late. Whether you’re a 10 days or 20 years postpartum, this ceremony brings deep, immense healing to the whole woman. To the birthing mother’s body, the bones, organs, & fascia, to the spirit and emotions, the nervous systems and more. Flowers, meditation, music, food, community. It is an honouring, a grieving, and a celebration. We bring the village to you.


“I highly recommend Kayla for anyone looking for a positive and empowering birth experience. Kayla is a kind and gentle soul and incredibly passionate about what she does. She has a very calming aura and is both educated and intuitive in providing labour and postpartum support. Her massages are relaxing, uplifting and transformational. Kayla has left a lasting memory in the lives of not just myself but my entire family.”

Abigail C.

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