5 quick things to do before guests arrive to make your house look clean

If you’re not like me and jet-setting all over the place to see your loved ones, you may very well have to receive some people at your own home.

Here are some tips to make that an enjoyable experience!

cleaning tips

1. Sweep.

I know this may seem like actual cleaning instead of some magical trick that takes no effort at all, but it’s amazing what a dust-and-debris-free floor does for your house. Just do it, and if you have kids get them involved! This household pretend play toddler cleaning set was always a favorite at day care.

2. Throw away all the bathroom products you don’t use.

If you’re like most people I know, chances are you have a bin of half-used shampoo, cosmetic samples, and old cream that no one is sure ever goes bad under your sink or on top of a cabinet somewhere. Throw them all away. Please. You will be amazed at the immediate sense of accomplishment you feel. Take a page out of Marie Kundo and thank those containers all the way to the recycling bin. And while you’re in the bathroom, toss all the dirty towels in the wash and roll up some towelettes. (You could even place them in that now empty bin, 😉 tadaa!)

towels cleaning tips

3. Pull out some old photo albums and leave them on the living room table.

Especially for family, this is a fun way to make sitting around feel more like an activity, and gets the old folks to feel good about sharing their stories with the younger generation. Nothing like a nice stroll down memory lane, from the comfort of a cozy couch. (How is this related to cleaning? This gives you extra time to tidy the kitchen!)

4. Have a lot of easy appetizers ready to go so that the pressure is off for dinner.

Plan ahead and stock up on antipasto dips, veggies and crackers when you’re at the farmers market. Then whip out your nicest serving platter and some biodegradable paper napkins. Voilà, a dishes-free feast for all that means no more rushing to have dinner up.

vegetarian mezze platter

5. Don’t worry!

The best thing for you to do before guests arrive is to relax. There’s an open diaper on the table? You haven’t had a shower yet that day? So what! Do what you need to do to make it a comfortable space and include your visitors in the household rhythm with good humour. If they can’t roll with that then think about simply moving on with your life and not inviting them back… or hiring a professional to assist you next time.

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I founded Mamas To Be as a resource for savvy women who want to live healthy right now, and have babies one day. My personal motivation was knowing that I want to be a mom one day, and what I learned became a professional passion for supporting women, babies and families through the experience of birth.

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