You may be wondering, “What is a doula?”

Or for that matter, what is a midwife? And where do babies come from anyway?

Even though we are all born, it’s uncommon for the average person to know very much about birth.

We all know it takes 9 months, that it can be very painful, and you need a doctor or someone with a lot of knowledge to help you… but that may be about it.

Unfortunately not many people know that birth can also be wildly empowering, midwives are free in Ontario, or how to tell the difference between early and active labour.

You actually have a lot of options when it comes to how you give birth!

Overall, there’s a lot of information out there and a lot of it tends to be contradictory, meaning you might hear a million different answers to the same question, and end up feeling stressed and confused.

That’s where doulas come in.

A doula is a professionally trained person who supports women, partners and families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum (after you’ve had your baby).

Some doulas only offer labour & birth OR postpartum services.

Some, like me, offer both.

“Doula” in Greek means, “a woman who serves.”

Doulas... evidence of what doulas do

Unlike midwives, who are medically trained in Canada through a 4-year university program to catch babies and deal with medical emergencies & complications in pregnancy and birth, doulas take on non-medical role.

The main description out there is that doulas provide ’emotional, physical and informational support,’ which sounds a little boring…. let me assure you, it’s not!

That emotional support could mean recognizing pregnancy is triggering you in a particular way, for example tension from past sexual trauma.

Your doula will help guide you through it, with good referrals, meditation sessions, or simply talking over a cup of tea.

That physical support could mean soothing massage for relaxation, acupressure, breathing techniques, managing the environment, hip compressions during labour, rebozo work, herbal padscicles… trust me there’s always more.

That informational support means you won’t have to spend hours online trying to find the most up-to-date, evidence-based knowledge for all your important decisions– because your doula already has access to this.

You also gain access to a network of birth professionals tried and tested by your doula, to receive professional referrals for your particular situation as it arises.

Ultimately, I believe a doula, as “someone who serves” is simply the person who is simply there for you, for whatever you are needing.

Many times I’ve heard from past beloveds that just having a person there who was 100 per cent dedicated to supporting them in their process was enormously comforting and encouraging.

This is someone so passionate about healthy birth they made it their job. It’s a life’s calling.

“Doulas want you to feel strong, free and supported.”

Too often we hear stories of women who did not feel they had adequate support at this time– either during pregnancy, labour, in the weeks following when baby is born, or all of the above.

To find out more about hiring some to be with you through your passage through birth, please reach out to me today.

Even if I’m not the right birth keeper for you, maybe I know someone, and I’m happy to talk either way.

Book in with me for your free consult, or email today.

Doula in prayer pose
serving women since 2015

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I founded Mamas To Be as a resource for savvy women who want to live healthy right now, and have babies one day. My personal motivation was knowing that I want to be a mom one day, and what I learned became a professional passion for supporting women, babies and families through the experience of birth.

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