Slow the F down


Right on the heels of international women’s day I have a message for all of us–

Slow the F down.

Seriously, you’ll be amazed at how much more sense your life can make when you take the time to really absorb what is happening to you.

Take that 5 minutes to breathe in the bathroom in the middle of your day.

Turn off your phone, computer and all the lights and sit beside a candle to drink a hot cup of tea.

Breathe in deeply right now and as you exhale close your eyes.


These things can seem like annoying nuisances– just another task to add to the laundry list of ‘To Do’s– but giving your self, and all of your internal systems, the time to rest like that is extremely beneficial.

Our most creative ideas happen in time of play or free flow.

If we spend all of our time cramming as many activities, tasks, and information into the time that we have… we end up losing out on our full potential as human beings.

To enjoy our lives.

To feel peaceful.

To really reflect on how we are choosing to live our lives– what we feel like celebrating, what we want to improve, and what we want to correct.

As the saying goes, when you rush you’re only putting yourself further behind…

Take a minute to meditate on that.


Published by mamastobe

I founded Mamas To Be as a resource for savvy women who want to live healthy right now, and have babies one day. My personal motivation was knowing that I want to be a mom one day, and what I learned became a professional passion for supporting women, babies and families through the experience of birth.

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