How does Natural Birth Control work?


Natural Birth Control, otherwise known as fertility awareness, refers to ways of preventing pregnancy, without the use of synthetic hormones or an IUD.

I’m not talking about knowing your overall fertility level here.

I’m talking about how we as ovulating females can actually tell when we are fertile & when we are not fertile throughout each menstrual cycle.

This is about how can use observing our bodies to avoid pregnancy, or facilitate conception (or just make really cool charts).


  • Natural birth control methods are alternatives to hormonal contraception (the pill, the shot, the ring, etc.) and copper IUDs.
  • Natural birth control at its best, specifically the official Fertility Awareness Method, prevents pregnancy at about the same rate as regular condom use (about 90-95%).
  • Yes that’s right, paying attention to your body will give you about as much power over creation as a condom. One way is free.
  • Natural birth control methods DO NOT prevent any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Where to start?

Now, be honest with yourself, do you actually know how your period works?

Do you know the difference between the natural hormones our body produces and the synthetic ones?

I’m still learning, and I’m passionate about this stuff.

Find a resource that works for you to learn, re-learn, and un-learn whatever you need to around the basic physiology of the female reproductive system, and how synthetic hormones impact that.

Then call me and we can talk about the ins and outs.


Many women (and girls!) want to go off the pill, and are afraid of the change.

Other women have been practicing withdrawal, or using condoms to prevent pregnancy, and are seeking more peace of mind, and freedom, by actually knowing when they are fertile, and when they are not.

Yes, that’s right, there are many days out of every cycle when you 100 per cent cannot get pregnant.

(Shocking news to me as I was told in sex ed, ‘you have a 30% chance of getting pregnant each time you have sex.’)

Ovulating females are only fertile for a short window in each menstrual cycle.

There are about 8 days where you have to abstain from sex or use a barrier in order to avoid getting pregnant when going with a natural birth control approach.

You also have to track yourself.

Wait, why 8 days?

That’s 6 days of sperm being able to stay alive inside the female body (pretty impressive), plus two days to be absolutely sure you’re past ovulation, the only baby-making time.

Ovulation occurs over a 24 hour window and stimulates hormonal changes in your body that make you unable to conceive after it’s finished.

Ovulation refers, loosely, to the egg being released, traveling through the fallopian tubes, then arriving at the uterus.

What are the benefits of Natural Birth Control?

Natural birth control methods help you identify where you’re at in your fertility cycle (menstrual cycle, moon, call it as you wish), so you can know when to have sex, or not, depending on your goals.

You can use an app on your phone (this a version of The Calendar Method) or some kind of manual chart to track your period, and this is great, but there is a lot more understanding to be had about what’s happening inside your body with the extra effort of observing further physical symptoms.

Your cycle is not just about bleeding days and not bleeding days…. and cramps.

There is SO MUCH MORE.

Using a natural birth control method will change your life, and ultimately help garner greater trust and intimacy in your close relationships… including with yourself.

Plus you avoid all the harmful (and inadequately studied) side effects of synthetic hormones, or increased risk of zinc deficiency from too much copper in the case of my stint with an IUD.

I don’t get any bad side effects, why not just take the pill?

The pill induces a kind if pseudo state of menopause in your body.

Sorry to say it does not “regulate your period” (huge myth), the pill suppresses your body’s natural cycle from occurring using synthetic versions of the hormones your body creates naturally when well.

So you’re preventing ovulation from happening, ever.

This is really unnatural, and what I find most unnerving about this fact is that it’s not widely known or understood by the people putting the product in their mouth every day.

Fun fact! There are body builders that take oral contraceptive pills to dope because they contain a synthetic version of testosterone.

The problem is ovulation is not only good for making babies; it is beneficial for your overall health, diagnostically, and just in terms of feeling good.

We don’t really know the long term effects of so much flooding of synthetic hormones in to our systems.

The pill has recently been linked to depression and breast cancer in scientific research, and could be linked to complications in pregnancy occurring after years of use.

Enter, the nutritional aspect of supporting our hormone systems, you are what you eat!

Do it for everyone, especially yourself. 

Ultimately, the greatest benefit of all this is that it is totally empowering.

When you take responsibility for your personal fertility, you are not being oppressed, you are gaining power.

When you know what is going on in your body, when you are connected with your natural flow of hormones, you begin to tap in to new depths of your creative power as a woman.

It sounds witchy because it is, in the best most wholesome and sexy way.

When during the moon cycle does your bleeding happen?


Taking Charge of Your Fertility and Natural Birth Control Made Simple are two books to check out. I also recommend this podcast with Dr. Elizabeth Wade (she has a great book as well).

Please feel free to message me with specific questions.

Like why do women constantly get pregnant while breastfeeding when it’s supposed to be a form of natural birth control….

Talk soon.

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