How to Prevent Pregnancy “Naturally”


Natural Birth Control, otherwise known as fertility awareness, refers to ways of preventing pregnancy, without the use of synthetic hormones or an IUD.

I’m not talking about being aware of your overall fertility level here! I’m talking about how we as ovulating females can actually tell when we are fertile & when we are not fertile throughout our monthly cycle.

I’m talking about how we can use different Natural Birth Control Methods to avoid pregnancy, or to facilitate conception.


Natural birth control methods are alternatives to hormonal contraception (the pill, the shot, the ring, etc.) and copper IUDs.

Natural birth control at its best, specifically the Fertility Awareness Method, prevents pregnancy at about the same rate as regular condom use (about 90-95%).

Natural birth control methods do NOT prevent any form of STDs.

Where to start?

I offer FREE workshops (please contact me if interested), where we go over the basic physiology of the female reproductive system, then talk about the pros and cons of pretty much all the birth control options available for female women to choose between.

Be honest with yourself, do you know the ins and outs of the physical functioning of your reproductive system? Do you know the difference between the natural hormones our body produces and synthetic hormones?

A lot of people want to go off the pill and don’t know where to start, or have just been practicing withdrawal or condoms and want to find more peace of mind by actually knowing when their fertile time starts and stops.

Yes, that’s right, the fertile time stops. There are several days in every cycle when you 100 per cent cannot get pregnant.

You do not have to wait and wish and be super on edge before every period! (It’s okay though, we’ve all been there).

Ovulating females are actually only fertile for a short window in each menstrual cycle. There are about 8 days out of each cycle where you have to abstain from sex or use a barrier method in order to avoid getting pregnant!

Wait what??

That’s 6 days of sperm being able to stay alive inside the female body (pretty impressive), plus two days to be sure you’re past ovulation.

Ovulation occurs over a 24 hour window and stimulates hormonal changes in your body that make you unable to conceive after it’s finished.

What are the benefits of Natural Birth Control?

Natural birth control methods help you identify where you’re at in your fertility cycle (menstrual cycle, moon.. call it what you wish!) so that you can know how careful you need to be when it comes to sexual intercourse in terms of avoiding pregnancy.

You can use an app on your phone (this a version of The Calendar Method) to track your period, but there is a lot more understanding to be had about what’s going on in your body with just a little extra effort of observing physical symptoms.

Beyond not getting pregnant though, there are other significant benefits to practicing natural birth control methods such as the fertility awareness method.

I believe using a natural birth control method will change your life, and ultimately help garner greater trust and intimacy in your close relationships… including with yourself.

Plus you avoid all the harmful (and inadequately studied) potential side effects of synthetic hormones, or increased risk of zinc deficiency from too much copper in the case of the non-hormonal IUD.

I don’t get any bad side effects, why not just take the pill?

Did you know the pill actually induces a kind if pseudo state of menopause in your body?

Sorry to say but you’re not regulating your period (huge myth), you’re actually suppressing your body’s natural cycle from occurring using synthetic versions of the hormones naturally produced by your body. You’re preventing ovulation from happening, ever.

The problem is ovulation is not only good for making babies! Ovulation is beneficial for your overall health as well.

We don’t really know the long term effects of so much synthetic “estrogen” or “progesterone” in our systems; the pill has recently been linked to depression and breast cancer in scientific research.

Fun fact: there are body builders that take oral contraceptive pills to dope because they contain a synthetic version of testosterone.

Join me for a free workshop or drop me a line and we can discuss all of this further. Know thyself dears!


Taking Charge of Your Fertility and Natural Birth Control Made Simple are two great books to start with.

There’s a ton of info on blogs but it’s not always reliable, so try to cross reference what you find out with at least three reputable sources.

Please feel free to message me with specific questions! Like why do women constantly get pregnant while breastfeeding when it’s supposed to be a form of natural birth control….

Talk soon.

Natural Birth Control basic flyer

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