My Commitment to “Natural Birth”

I intend to use my practice to serve women who yearn to birth with minimal medical interventions during labour, and recognize that “natural” or physiological birth (when the baby comes through the vaginal canal) carries significant physical and emotional benefits for mama, baby, & family.

That being said, I’m committed to helping you open to whatever way your baby is going to come through, while still honouring the essence of what you envision for the birth experience, including the immediate postpartum.

It’s not only about what happens, but how you experience it, how you view the situation, and how you feel– what you connect to in this process.

I don’t have children of my own yet, but over the last many years of mentorship & working with birthing families, I’ve realized…


The ingredients of a positive & empowering birth have less to do with labels like “natural” or any specific fantasy outcome, and more to do with YOU being very clearly at the centre of the decision-making, along with checking in with baby.

Knowing that whatever way things go, it is very clearly the right thing to do in the moment, and you & your team are centred in on your values.

As the “keeper” of your birth circle I will do everything I can to promote your body’s natural ability to give birth, and support the transformation of your spirit that is being invited.

Instead of attachment to any one outcome, I support you in cultivating what you can control– knowledge, awareness & capacity in your own heart, mind, body & soul, right here and now.

There’s so much that can be done to support your body’s incredible, natural abilities. I hold space for you to face any fears & uncertainties you may have around the powerful act of giving birth. You will approach the experience informed, aware, and in your power.

However your birth unfolds, know that I am here for you in what is there for you in it, and available for deep postpartum healing & recovery as well.

You, your body, your partner, and your baby will navigate this process together with your chosen birth team’s support.

woman in water

Published by mamastobe

Mamas To Be is about women healing their bodies, their spirits, their ancestral lines, in community with other women. We are all models for the next generation, "mamas" to be, if we take the responsibility seriously. Holding space for women, and how they choose to be.

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