Giving Birth

For the mixed bag of feelings time that is pregnancy, I serve as a consistent support for you & your family. Prepare for birth on a holistic level, rooted in evidence-based physiological information as well as inviting in ritual & ceremony. Honour & recognize birthing as the everyday, ancient, and immense personal transformation that it offers women, since millennia. Tuning in with yourself, your body, your baby, and the natural rhythms of creation.

I’m currently offering custom prenatal, labour & birth support for women and families preparing for low-intervention childbirth, in any scenario. Please don’t hesitate to book in for a free 1 hour consult to discuss your specific needs and vision for this journey. I am located in the Toronto area, and looking forward to meeting you. 

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Birth Keeper Package ~ Prenatal & Postpartum (in-home/virtual) + The Birth (unlimited time)

Prepare to meet your baby according to your values and receive in-depth woman to woman support. Learn about the mammalian physiology & rhythm of human labour. Practice easy ways to support the body’s natural ability to heal, open up and give birth. Cultivate calm & ease in pregnancy, and be supported in getting really realistic about all the different things that could happen, including ways for birth partner to feel confident in their supportive role. Know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to birth & baby care… and make the decision to birth in your power, from a commitment to turning within for knowing. Choose how you will honour this transformation for your growing family through rituals & ceremony, and receive continuous, holistic care & recovery support from me in the first six weeks after baby is born. 


  • x4 Prenatal Sessions with your birth team (2.5 hours or so each)
  • Monthly in-home massage, virtual reiki or other deeply nourishing ceremony
  • Access to me via email, phone call & WhatsApp from the moment you sign on (for example, weekly phone calls, resources, referrals, custom guided meditations)
  • On-call as of 37 weeks until your birth, with more regular calls in the last couple months of pregnancy, as needed. Back-up organized in case of long labour.
  • 40 days Postpartum ~ deep support for healing & honouring your transition in the first six weeks postpartum, including nourishing, healing touch, & listening.

If you are interested in working with me, please don’t hesitate to book in for a consult and we can figure out a custom package that works for you.


Some resources, curated for you

Childbirth Education



COVID-19 Birthing Resources

If you’d like to feel energized, clear-minded and grounded, try breathing softly and exhaling fully as you lay in this side-lying savasana pose. Just for ten minutes, let it all go….

10 minute guided “yoga nap”

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