Meet Kayla

As a birth keeper, I work on-on-one with women and their loved ones and the baby to support the natural (physiological), emotional, & spiritual processes of childbirth.
My studies have taken me to Ecuador with Wombs of the World, to learn from indigenous midwives there, and doula at a local clinic.
I’ve learned about rebozo and the “Closing of the Bones” ceremony from the Quichua partera in the Andes, as well as from a Toronto doula & midwife, Isabel Perez.
A firm believer in the healing power of human touch, I also went to Thailand, and studied Thai massage in Chiang Mai.
I have since taken courses in pre/postnatal yoga, acupressure for pregnancy, birth & postpartum, breastfeeding and infant massage, and how to be with trauma & grief– among many others– from so many amazing teachers here in North America.
Trained in Labour & Birth by Doula Canada (2017), and mentored since 2018 as part of the Awakening the Village Doula Mentorship Collective led by Sasha Padron… I have hundreds of hours of training & personal work that I’m bringing in.
We know so much right now, with the incredible insights offered by modern science, holistic approaches to wellness/health, and the timeless wisdom of the earth’s oldest healing traditions– this is actually a great time to be having a baby, and starting a family.
We know enough to know that, surrendering to the unknown, to the great guidance and reserves of power within– well that’s what it’s all about. 

Book in with me this week for a free consultation. I’d love to hear your story.

kayla prayer hands SMALL
photo by Jen Squires

My Why…

I believe when we take good care of ourselves– including tending & caring to our innermost personal dreams & yearnings, and getting to know our bodies– we model the best of humanity for the next generation.

We teach children through our own holistic wellness what is the good life, how to be happy and encourage them to find contentedness.

By walking our own path, we model for the people around us how to move forth as their own connected, confident, and whole, imperfect beings– striving towards integrity.

In this sense we are all “mamas to be”, women in the making, mothers in the making, and models for the next generation, constantly.

Mamas To Be– dedicated to creating a more peaceful, informed, and connected approach to life, babies, birth, & bodies.

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