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Hi, I’m Kayla Dawn Morin

Founder of Mamas To Be, dedicated to creating a more peaceful, informed, and connected approach to life, babies, birth, & bodies.

I believe when we take good care of ourselves– including tending & caring to our innermost personal dreams & yearnings, and getting to know our bodies– we model the best of humanity for the next generation.

We teach children through our own wellness what is the good life, how to feel happy and be content, and model how to go forth as their own connected, confident, and wholly imperfect beings.

In this sense we are all “mamas to be”, women in the making, mothers in the making, constantly.

As a birth keeper, I work on-on-one with women and their loved ones to support the natural (physiological), emotional, & spiritual processes of having a baby.


My studies have taken me to Ecuador with Wombs of the World, to learn from the indigenous midwives there, and doula at a local clinic. I learned the Closing of the Bones ceremony from the Quichua partera in the Andes, and from one of my Toronto mentors, Isabel Perez.
A firm believer in the healing power of human touch, I also went to Thailand, and studied Thai massage in Chiang Mai. I have since taken courses in infant massage, breastfeeding, birth trauma, pre/postnatal yoga, and acupressure for pregnancy, birth & postpartum (among many others) from amazing teachers here.
Trained in Labour & Birth by the community organization Doula Canada, and mentored since 2018 to serve in pregnancy, birth & postpartum as part of the Awakening the Village doula mentorship program, I have hundreds of hours of tender & evidence-based support learning under my belt.
We know so much right now, with the incredible insights offered by modern science, holistic approaches to health, and the timeless wisdom of the earth’s oldest healing traditions– this is actually a great time to be having a baby, and starting a family. 

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My Commitment to “Natural Birth”

I intend to use my practice to serve women who yearn to birth with minimal medical interventions during labour, and recognize that “natural” or physiological birth (when the baby comes through the canal) carries significant physical and emotional benefits for mama, baby, & family.

That being said, I’m also committed to helping you feel good about the possibility of birthing your baby in ANY of the many, many potential scenarios, while still honouring the essence of what you want from the birth experience, including the immediate postpartum.

It’s not only about what happens, but how you experience it, how you view the situation, and how you feel.

I haven’t given birth, but over the last few years of training and working as a doula, I’ve realized…

The ingredients of a positive & empowering birth have less to do with labels like “natural” or any specific fantasy outcome, and more to do with knowing that whatever interventions you may have preferred to avoid (going to the hospital, cesarean birth, pitocin or other drugs) was very clearly the right thing to do in the moment, and YOU were very clearly at the centre of the decision-making.

As a part of your birth team I will do everything I can to promote your body’s natural ability to give birth. For this reason, instead of being attached to any one particular outcome, I support you in cultivating what you can control– knowledge, awareness & capacity in your own mind, heart & body right now.

There’s so much that can be done to support your body’s INCREDIBLE, natural abilities. I want to help you face any fears & uncertainties you may have around the powerful act of giving birth. And approach the experience fully informed, aware, and in your power.

However your birth unfolds, know that I am there with you all the way until you’re ready to rest with a fed baby in your arms. You, your body and your baby will navigate this process together with your chosen birth team’s support.

Book in with me for a free consultation. I’d love to hear your story.

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