For the vulnerable and essential time after your baby is born, I provide specifically postpartum doula services. In-home body recovery care, deeply supportive active listening, custom guided meditation, nourishing food prep, light cleaning, breastfeeding & baby care support, and more. Know that you are the best environment for your baby, and your simple presence is always a comfort to them. You and your partner, if applicable, were never meant to do this alone, but rather, in community. Invite me in for some healing energy, nurturing touch, and deep honouring of whatever you are going through.

I’m currently offering postpartum support for women and families recovering from childbirth, in any scenario. Please don’t hesitate to book in with me for a free 1 hour consult. I am located in the Toronto area, and looking forward to meeting you. 

Book in with me for your free consult.

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Postpartum Healing & Recovery (in-home) 9 Visits / $1,900

Not only do you have a newborn baby on the way, there will be newborn parents to care for as well! Receive continuous support, including custom guided meditations, to help ease the transition into newborn parenting, and support your body’s full recovery after giving birth. Learn about nourishing your new family holistically, and get on-demand help with breastfeeding, baby care or whatever else may be coming up. 

When you sign on with me, know that I am available to you outside of scheduled hours if you want to call me in case random things come up. Like suddenly needing a tongue tie referral, struggling with feeding or sleep, or wanting to know everything there is to explore around diastasis recti and how you can safely move your body again.

It used to take a village to raise a child… and well I’m here to tell you, it still does.

It’s not normal to do this alone, and it is normal for it to be very challenging, especially with how our society is currently organized. With so many wonderful experts out there, it’s part of my job to help you figure out what’s going on, and connect you with any specific support you may need. Sometimes that’s just a soft hand through your hair, woman to woman.

New Mother's Needs
Courtesy of Sasha Padron, Awakening the Village founder & mentor
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COVID-19 Birthing Resources

If you’d like to feel energized, clear-minded and grounded, try breathing softly and exhaling fully as you lay in this side-lying savasana pose. Just for ten minutes, let it all go….

10 minute guided “yoga nap”

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