Doula in Toronto


Calm, grounded tenderness of care, open to the grief and the joy.

As a birth keeper, I tend to the sanctity of birth, working closely with the woman, her loved ones, and the baby. As a postpartum doula, I slave to the mother. I do not slave to the system.

Birth Keeper & Postpartum Doula

$2,500/ Birth Keeper Package

I am with you from when we sign on prenatally, hands-on for labour & birth until everyone is fed and tucked in to bed, and there in your home for the vulnerable newborn time. You lead the process. There is a lot on offer, and you can have it all, or pick and choose what you would like. You know what you need, and if you don’t yet, you will access that within. Holding space for you in the sacred process, tending to you on all levels: physiologically, emotionally, spiritually. Tending to the whole you, community care. Serving the Toronto area for in-person care.

1:1 Coaching

$90-$60/ Sliding Scale Hourly

Book in with me here for a one-on-one session. Serving women, of any background. Are you considering where you plan to birth? Who you would like with you? How to make these decisions? Questions about your provider care? Please don’t hesitate to reach out. I will hold space for you and your empowerment, and will also tell you the truth as I see it. The learning curve when it comes to what we might assume about birth based on popular culture and what is actually true about birth as told by women’s bodies & experiences, well…. the curve is steep.

Closing of the Bones

*Contact for pricing

Check out this article for more on this incredible tradition. This is an in-home service and, as I’ve learned it, pretty much a full day thing. You will be supported through a steam or herbal bath, then receive a full body massage from two people, then be wrapped in fabrics from head to toe at several points in your body, followed by a small feast. There is a lot of energy involved. You are invited into being fully held within the multitude of variance of what is your experience as a postpartum mother. This is a ceremony that connects us with our ancestors, our bodies, and very deeply with ourselves.

Kayla was an incredible source of strength, wisdom, kindness and compassion for both me and my husband. She is gifted with an inner calm and strength that makes her words and touch truly healing.

Melanie F.

Let’s create something beautiful together.

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